Become an Instructor

Epona Author Academy is always looking for new instructors to help share their knowledge of the publishing industry. Courses can be audio, video, text-based, or a mixture of all three. We’ll house the classes on our platform and handle all enrollment and payment, as well as content delivery. In exchange, we ask for 15% of the class price. (Additional fees may apply if you require assistance creating audio/video files or other technical support.)

Why place your class on our platform? Because we handle all the technical details. You don’t have to worry about an education platform, payment processing, or even customer service. We do all that for you. In addition, authors come here looking for classes, so you want them to see yours.

We also don’t ask for exclusive rights. You are welcome to teach elsewhere. In fact, if you deliver a class through local writer’s groups (in person or online) this is a great way to help receive evergreen income from the class, by having it online on our platform as well. You can even teach the class through your own website. We’re simply like another distributor, just as you probably have for your ebooks.

If you have questions, please visit our support portal. Otherwise, fill out the form below. We can’t wait to hear from you.

    Would you need help with putting your class together, technical help on the audio/video, etc.?