Privacy Policy

Epona Author Academy uses the same privacy policy in effect at Epona Author Solutions. You can read it here.

In layman’s terms our privacy policy is simple:

We will not share, rent, giveaway, or share your information with anyone else, including our instructors except as necessary for course enrollment. Instructors may see who is enrolled in their courses, but may not harvest those emails, or contact students directly. If a student initiates contact with an instructor, the instructor may reply, but harvesting emails/adding to newsletter lists/etc. is strictly forbidden.

All students are added to a “students” email list where student-specific notices are sent. Students may unsubscribe at any time without impacting course enrollment.

All Insiders are added to an Insiders email list where Insiders-specific notices are sent. Insiders may unsubscribe at any time without impacting their membership or learning.

Students are NOT transferred to any other Epona Author Solutions email lists. They are invited to subscribe with information provided, but it is up to the individual student whether they wish to subscribe or not.

Email list subscriptions can be handled through the “unsubscribe” link at the bottom of each email.