Marketing, Mindset, and Editing Success Bundle


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You’ve downloaded my free Marketing, Mindset, and Editing Success Bundle… now what?

If diving in seems too daunting, we’ll take it step-by-step. I’m expanding on the information in the bundle, so when you go through each module you’ll learn…

  • What an ideal reader avatar is and how each of your steps on the Reader Attraction Blueprint brings you closer to them…
  • Ideas for Reader Magnets, what they are, and how to deliver them.
  • What are daily rituals and how can they help you keep your mindset focused on the positive and keep you writing
  • We’ll dive deeper into the editing template with detailed information about ways to make your writing better…
  • and more…

I easily could take each one of these and turn them into their own course, going for $19, $49, or more… There is YEARS of knowledge and experience packed into each module.

But since you picked up my Marketing, Mindset, and Download bundle, I want you to have this at a price that won’t make you think twice. That’s why it’s on sale.

What’s inside:

3 modules covering each of the topics. You’ll get videos, additional worksheets, and more.